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Information for Ukrainian citizens

Ukrainian citizens are welcome in Denmark. This is an official Danish website/guide for Ukrainians.

Entry and residence permit

The immigration authorities in Denmark have created A website with information and questions and answers for Ukrainian citizens. Here you will find all necessary information about your entry into Denmark, residence permit etc.

Information to persons from Ukraine (


How to get a job in Denmark

As a Ukrainian citizen, you can apply for a job as soon as you have applied for a residence permit. Find information about application, salary, working hours etc. and start your own job search.

For Ukrainian jobseekers (


Important digital services in Denmark

In Denmark, your contact with public authorities begins on the Internet. Read more here:

Danish digital services (


Use your education in Denmark

Find information about how to have your Ukrainian qualifications recognised in relation to studying or working in Denmark.

Refugees from Ukraine - welcome! (

Ukrainian driving license or car

Do you want to use your Ukranian driving licens in Denmark? You can find information about the rules here (information in Danish):

Vejledning om kørsel i Danmark for indehavere af ukrainsk kørekort (

Nye nationale regler om førerdokumenter udstedt af Ukraine (

Have you brought your own car to Denmark? Find information about the rules here:

Non-Danish vehicles (

To drive your own car in Denmark, you must have liability insurance (information in Danish and Ukrainian from a non-governmental body - link to the insurance companies' trade association).

About insurance (

Get vaccinated against covid-19

The risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19 and influenza rises with age. Therefore, everyone aged 65 and above is offered vaccinations against these diseases. If you are not in the target group for free vaccination, you can be vaccinated for a fee. Find your nearest vaccination site:

Here you can be vaccinated (

People at increased risk of serious illness with influenza or covid-19 due to e.g chronic illness are also recommended to be vaccinated (information in Danish).

Disse personer anbefales vaccination mod influenza og covid-19 (

Free medical treatment

If you have a residence permit and a place of residence in Denmark, you are entitled to free treatment in most medical institutions. Read more about how the examination and treatment is carried out in this brochure:

You and your health (

Have you lost contact with a family member?

The Red Cross Tracing Service is a free service that works to re-establish contact between family members who have been separated by war. They help refugees with searching for family members, relaying messages between families and documenting and visiting prisoners of war.

The service also advises on how to best maintain contact with your family.

The tracing service can be contacted by e-mail: [email protected] or tel.: (+45) 35 25 92 00. If the conversation cannot be carried out in Danish or English, the Red Cross provides an interpreter.

Read more about The Red Cross Tracing Service (


Are you bringing a pet to Denmark? See the rules here:

Travelling with pet animals (

Some people might take advantage of your situation

As newly arrived to Denmark from Ukraine, some people might take advantage of your situation. Please be alert if someone tries to recruit you for a job through social media or apps, where the job offer seems too good to be true.

You are entitled to a salary if you work in Denmark. Do not accept offers to work in exchange for somewhere to live, food or other goods. Make sure that the terms are acceptable and make sure to get a contract.

Read more here (

Report war crimes

The Danish National Police supports the investigation into war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in Ukraine conducted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Information on possible war crimes in Ukraine can be given to the Danish police if you contact a police station in person.

Report war crimes (

Travellers from Ukraine are offered free train travel

Travellers with a permanent residence in Ukraine can travel into Denmark for free with DSB’s international trains that cross the Danish/German border.

More information about cross border trains (