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Military contributions

Denmark is making significant contributions to support Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russia's military aggression.

The total value of Danish military support to Ukraine amounts to approximately DKK 9.5 billion. This puts Denmark, measured per capita, among the major contributors of military aid to Ukraine.

Denmark has provided Ukraine with significant military support in the form of weapons, equipment and other military assistance, including training.

Denmark also hosted an international conference in Copenhagen, which resulted in the establishment of a UK-led foundation to raise funds that can be used for further donations to Ukraine.

Distribution of military support

Source: Ministry of Defence

Content by categories

  • Weapons:
    Such as artillery systems, missiles for air defence, grenades
  • Non-lethal equipment:
    Such as protective suits, clothing, sleeping bags
  • Financial:
    Such as support for NATO and the UK-led International Fund for Ukraine (IFU)
  • Logistics:
    Such as mobile workshop solutions and fuel
  • Training:
    Such as instructors for the British training mission
  • Transport:
    Such as of diesel, artillery ammunition and anti-tank mines

Denmark's military contribution

Below is a list of military donations that can currently be published. Since not all the contents of the military can be published, there will be a discrepancy between the total and the contents of the list below.

Although there is public interest in Denmark's military support to Ukraine, not all donations can be made public immediately. We are constantly considering which information about Denmark's military support can be published without compromising operational considerations or consideration for allies and partners.

These considerations are made in close cooperation with both the Danish Defence, Danish Defence Intelligence Service and other relevant ministries as well as international partners.

Donations 2 May 2023

Armored recovery and engineering vehicles.
Demining vehicles that can withstand mines.
Mine clearance hoses.
Mine Flails
Mortar grenades.
Ammunition for Carl Gustaf M4 Recoilless Rifle.
Mobile field bridges.
Night goggles.
Funds set aside for air defense procurement.
50 million Euros for NATO support for Ukraine with non-lethal materiel.


80 Leopard 1A5 tanks donated in cooperation with Germany and the Netherlands.

14 Leopard 2A4 tanks donated in cooperation with the Netherlands.

Financial support through NATO

DKK 81 million for the NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine, a NATO support programme which, with financial contributions from allies, supports Ukraine's ability to provide for its own security through a number of projects.

Financial support for international funds

DKK 372 million for the UK-led International Fund for Ukraine. The fund is a result of the donor conference in Copenhagen, #CopenhagenUkraine, which was chaired by Denmark, Ukraine and the UK. It promotes ambitious, targeted and long-term support to Ukraine and cooperates with the defence industry and other funds to support Ukraine.

Armoured vehicles

54 M113 G4 armoured personnel carriers with armament.

Land-based coastal defence

Land-based Harpoon coastal defence systems, including missiles.


19 CAESAR 8x8 artillery systems.

1/3 of the cost of production of 16 Zuzana-2 artillery systems.

Propellant charges, artillery shells, brisant shells, heavy mortar systems, mortar shells, prison tubes, fire tubes for 155mm artillery ammunition and spare parts for artillery.

Air defence

407 Stinger missiles including 330 grip stocks and 810 batteries.

Anti-tank weapons and grenades

8000 RPG-7 rocket launchers including 29 000 associated ammunition, 2700 anti-tank weapons and 5600 84mm Carl Gustaf grenades.

Drones + C-UAS*

Surveillance drones, drones for mine clearance and equipment for detecting enemy drones.

* C-UAS is short for Counter-Unmanned Aerial System, that is, an anti-drone system.

Logistics and maintenance

15 mobile workshop solutions for the repair of large military vehicles.


6 hangar tents.

15 military (hardened) generators.

Purchase of non-lethal materiel via NATO for up to DKK 100.0 million.

Cyber support

Software to strengthen Ukrainian cyber defences.

Individual equipment for Ukrainian troops

Winter packages amounting to DKK 100 million containing e.g. clothes and sleeping bags.

Further support containing 2000 pieces of protective equipment, 3000 protective vests, 232500 field rations, 3000 sleeping bags and 3000 sleeping mats, 2200 first aid bags, 11 000 compress dressings.

8000 hats and 15 000 sets of rainwear.

Anti-tank mines and mine clearance equipment

Anti-tank mines and mine clearance equipment for mine (land and sea) clearance.


A Team of 65 instructors for the British training mission, training in land and sea mine clearance, training of Ukrainian non-commissioned officers , training of Ukrainian armed forces in the use of various Western weapons systems.

CBRN* equipment

A CBRN protection package consisting of suits, gauges, decontamination powder, 10 hand-held chemical detectors and 500 lightweight protective suits to protect against chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear weapons.

*CBRN is short for chemical (C), biological (B), radioactive (R) and nuclear (N) incidents.

Infantry weapons

Heavy machine guns, including equipment for the M113 APCs.

Small arms ammunition

5.56mm ammunition for small arms.

Bomb clearance robots

21 bomb-clearing robots.

Updated: 2 may 2023

Aid and donations from Denmark

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