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Humanitarian aid and health

Denmark is among the countries that have supported Ukraine with the most humanitarian aid in relation to the size of the country.

Since the beginning of the war, Denmark has contributed DKK 488 million to humanitarian efforts. The Danish contributions are given in response to humanitarian needs and are focused on:

  • Delivery of basic emergency assistance
  • Humanitarian mine clearance
  • Resettlement of displaced persons
  • Winter preparations
  • Protection of women and children

Denmark has also contributed DKK 96 million to health initiatives. Danish hospitals have also received and treated more than 100 medically evacuated patients as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Humanitarian aid and health from Denmark

Below is a description of the donations so far.

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian contributions have been made where the needs are greatest in order to help the many civilians affected by the war.

A total of approximately DKK 488 million has been given in humanitarian aid. The aid includes contributions to the UN, the International Red Cross and operators within Danish civil society and their Ukrainian partners.

Other donations from Denmark include:

  • 1 mobile hospital with capacity for 500 patients per day and medical equipment
  • 1 tent camp with capacity for 320 people
  • 96 accommodation containers
  • 10 electric generators 40-80 kVA and 2 generators 150 kVA for energy supply
  • 3 AM radio transmitters
  • 2 Toyota Landcruisers
  • 4 fire extinguishing modules
  • 5000 heating and rescue gloves
  • 2 building rescue kits with special concrete and diamond drills and life saws
  • 20 heaters

Health aid

A total of DKK 96 million was allocated to health-related donations in 2022. The funds went to donations that included medicines, vaccines, medical equipment and protective equipment and DKK 35 million for the World Health Organization's emergency health response in the country. The donations include:

  • Tetanus vaccines – approximately 1200 vials
  • 40 000 vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR vaccine) and 93 000 vaccines against diphtheria and tetanus (DiTe vaccines)
  • Ambulances – 5
  • 60 000 liters of hand sanitizer and 50 000 liters of surface sanitizer
  • Painkillers, insulin, antibiotics, antipsychotic medication, local anaesthesia, antihistamines, HIV medication etc.
  • Mobile CT scanner – 1
  • 1.4 million FFP3 masks to be used for medical support
  • 6.8 million face masks, 1.6 million gowns, 12.9 million gloves and 40 000 visors for medical support

Updated on 22 March 2023

Aid and donations from Denmark

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