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Denmark's contribution to support for Ukraine

Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Denmark has helped Ukraine in a number of areas.

The focus areas for Denmark include military support, humanitarian aid and health, financial aid and assistance for the reconstruction of the country. Denmark supports Ukraine both directly and through international cooperation.

How all the aid is distributed

Denmark has supported Ukraine with a total of approximately DKK 23.3 billion for military and non-military purposes.

How non-military aid is distributed

Denmark has supported Ukraine with approx. DKK 2.1 billion in grants and approx. DKK 700 million in guarantees etc.

The figures were last updated on 10 November 2023 and come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' report

Aid and donations from Denmark

You can click on each point below to see what contributions Denmark has made so far.

Peace and stabilisation efforts: Donations have been granted for eg. initiatives under the Peace and Stabilisation Programme in Ukraine. The funds have gone to initiatives focusing on increased stabilisation, social cohesion, security, justice, trust and state legitimacy. Donations have also been granted for prosecution efforts since the Russian invasion. The support has, among other things, gone to the work being done by the International Criminal Court in Ukraine, as well as a programme effort through DIGNITY focusing on the handling of victims and evidence. This includes funding the deployment of forensic technicians and expertise to document and investigate war crimes in particular. Denmark has also continuously contributed with secondments of civilian advisors to missions and organizations in Ukraine in order to contribute to the stabilisation and crisis management in the country.

Reform efforts: The donation has been granted to Ukraine through Denmark's Eastern Neighbourhood Programme since the Russian invasion. The funds have gone to programme efforts focusing on democratisation, human rights, sustainable green growth and increased energy independence.

In addition, Denmark provides indirect support in other areas, e.g. through co-financing of the EU's anti-corruption programme. But also through active efforts in selected areas of the UN and NATO.

Donations of mattresses, back cushions and blankets from the Prison and Probation Service as well as safety boots, thermal underwear, hats and trousers from the Danish National Police. 234 security vests for the Ukrainian border police.

Denmark establishes a Ukraine Fund

A new political agreement ensures the establishment of a Ukraine Fund with a total budget of DKK 7.0 billion in 2023.

Denmark must continue to be among the countries that support Ukraine the most in relation to its size. Therefore, a broad majority in the Folketing has reached an agreement to establish the Ukraine Fund.

In addition to the DKK 7.0 billion, funds will be allocated in 2024-2027 that can help handle expenses for replacements associated with military donations made in 2022 and 2023.

The three legs of the Ukraine Fund:

Military support for Ukraine's struggle for freedom in the form of e.g. weapons, other military material and training efforts. A framework of approx. DKK 5.4 billion will be allocated in 2023 for military support.

Civilian support targeted at emergency humanitarian efforts and long-term reconstruction. A budget of DKK 1.2 billion will be allocated in 2023 for civilian support in Ukraine and other neighbouring eastern countries.

Support for business initiatives that give Danish companies the opportunity to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine. A framework of DKK 0.4 billion will be allocated in 2023 to support business initiatives.

Facts: The agreement has been concluded by the government and a broad majority of the Folketing consisting of the Green Left, the Denmark Democrats, the Liberal Alliance, the Conservative Party, the Social Liberal Party, the Danish People's Party and the New Right.

Link: Government reaches broad agreement to establish billion-kroner Ukraine Fund in 2023 ( - in Danish)

Therefore, not all donations are made public

Although there is public interest in Denmark's military support to Ukraine, not all donations can be made public immediately. We are constantly considering which information about Denmark's military support can be published without compromising operational considerations or consideration for allies and partners.

These considerations are made in close cooperation with both the Danish Defence, FE and other relevant ministries as well as international partners.

Denmark also helps outside Ukraine

There is also broad support for helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine. In addition to humanitarian aid and emergency aid in Ukraine itself, Denmark will support the neighbouring countries that receive the most refugees – such as material, assistance with the operation of accommodation, basic health and education.

Denmark also helps Ukrainians who come to Denmark and assists Ukrainians who are already in the country. All the relevant information for Ukrainians in Denmark has been gathered below.

Information for Ukrainian citizens