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Denmark's response

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EU and Denmark have imposed sanctions against Russia and its allies.

Denmark is also helping Ukraine in a number of other areas, both military and humanitarian, as well as welcoming Ukrainian refugees.

Sanctions against Russia

Denmark has imposed sanctions against Russia and its allies. You can get a general overview of a wide range of the sanctions adopted against Russia here:

Sanctions against Russia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Danish Business Authority and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority have collated a large amount of information on what impact Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have on Danish businesses.

Guidance on sanctions - In Danish (

Sanctions against Russia | Export Controls (

Guidance on the situation in Ukraine at Virksomhedsguiden - In Danish (

Find information about the sanctions concerning financial institutions - In Danish (


Denmark is providing military and humanitarian support

Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Denmark has decided to help Ukraine in a number of areas. Denmark is contributing militarily and providing Ukraine with donations, healthcare, humanitarian and macro-financial support. Here you can see the sort of assistance Denmark is offering.

People fleeing Ukraine are welcome in Denmark

A broad political majority is in agreement about helping people fleeing from the war in Ukraine. In addition to humanitarian and emergency aid in Ukraine, Denmark will provide support to neighbouring countries accepting the majority of the refugees – for example with materiel, help in running accommodation, basic healthcare and education. Denmark is also ready to accept Ukrainians on Danish soil and assist Ukrainians already in the country.

Information for Ukrainian citizens