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The war affects Denmark

Danish citizens can feel the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, even though there is currently no military threat to Denmark. This page provides you with an overview of the situation as well as links to pages with more detailed information.

Similar to other countries, Denmark has been providing military, humanitarian and financial support to Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

The level of cyber threat against Denmark has increased, and the war has also affected the supply of energy and led to the risk of power shortages, among other things.


Denmark is providing military and humanitarian support

Denmark is supporting Ukraine militarily and in the form of health and humanitarian aid, donations and financial support via the World Bank.

You can read more about Denmark’s contributions here:

Denmark’s contributions in support of Ukraine


The cyber threat against Denmark

Due to the war in Ukraine, the threat level from cyber activism is now higher than normal. The Center for Cyber Security (CFCS) is the body responsible for assessing the threat level in Denmark.

You can read more about the latest threat assessments from the CFCS here:

Information in Danish: Threat assessments (

The war is impacting energy supply and prices in Denmark

Energy supply is affected by the war, and Denmark is now facing a serious energy crisis. The situation is currently stable, but the risk of power shortages is generally higher. Danes are encouraged to help conserve energy. By conserving energy and using power when the prices are lower, we can benefit both the climate and our finances.

How the energy crisis is impacting Denmark


Denmark’s emergency preparedness

Danish authorities are aware of the situation in and around Ukraine, and they are following the situation closely. Denmark’s level of emergency preparedness is constantly being adapted in response to any threats against Danish society, but there is currently no military threat to Denmark. Visit the Danish Emergency Management Agency website for more information about their efforts relating to the war in Ukraine (information in Danish):

Information in Danish: The war in Ukraine (


Ukrainians in Denmark

A special law enables temporary residence permits for people who have been forced to abandon their homes and their country because of the war in Ukraine. Read more about how Ukrainians can apply for residence permits and jobs in Denmark

Information for Ukrainian citizens


How can you help

The Danish authorities encourage citizens to help and support the many professional organizations working to coordinate efforts following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

How can you help


Talk about the war with your child

The situation in Ukraine is all over the news, and this can make children and young people worried. The Danish Ministry of Children and Education has mad this page with materials and advice.

Information in Danish: Talking about the situation in Ukraine with children (

Sanctions against Russia

Denmark has imposed sanctions against Russia and its allies. You can get a general overview of a wide range of the sanctions here:

Sanctions against Russia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Danish Business Authority and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority have collated a large amount of information on what impact Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have on Danish businesses.

Sanctions against Russia | Export Controls (

Information in Danish: Guidance on sanctions (

Information in Danish: Get an overview of the guidance on the situation in Ukraine (

Information in Danish: Find information about the sanctions concerning financial institutions (