Press briefing 17 March 2022

Need for everyone to help get Ukrainians integrated

Published 17-03-2022

On Wednesday, the Danish parliament passed a law on temporary residence permits for people fleeing Ukraine. The law means that fleeing Ukrainians who arrive in Denmark in just a few days can start school, day care, education or work at a Danish workplace.

Hosts: Minister of Children and Education Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, Minister for Immigration and Integration Mattias Tesfaye and Minister for Employment Peter Hummelgaard.

Welcome Ukrainians

Today's press conference focused on the millions of Ukrainians who are fleeing the war in their home country. And that we in Denmark must stand together to help the thousands of Ukrainians who will come here.

Right now we are experiencing one of the biggest refugee crises on the European continent since World War II. And Denmark has a special responsibility when there is war in the nearby areas. Therefore, since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the government has clearly stated that displaced persons from Ukraine are welcome in Denmark.

We must make sure that the Ukrainians feel safe in Denmark. The aid is primarily about the Ukrainians having a place to live. And that the children can be cared for and go to school.

At the press conference, the encouragement was to welcome them in day care, in schools and at home. They need you to help them into the community. They need to feel that we want the best for them.

High numbers of refugees expected

It has previously been announced that it was expected that about 20,000 displaced Ukrainians would come to Denmark. But according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration, it cannot be ruled out that the number will end up being significantly higher. How high the number will get depends on developments in Ukraine. We are potentially facing the largest influx of people on Danish soil since World War II.

All Ukrainians are welcome

It was stated at the press conference that all Ukrainians are welcome. There may be waiting time at the border because the paper work need to be checked. If you have an old passport, you can now apply for a residence permit according to the new special law the Danish parliament passed yesterday.

There was a call for all Ukrainians here in Denmark to apply for a residence permit as soon as possible. There may be long queues and waiting times, but the staff will do their best.

Facing a major integration task

In Denmark, we are facing a historic integration task. It will change Danish society and will have consequences for many people. It will be a huge task for the municipalities. It is important that we all help to get the Ukrainian families integrated in schools, leisure activities and in the labor market.

Day care centers and schools

Many of the Ukrainians who come to Denmark are mothers and children. They must feel that we wish them the best. They must experience security, community and friendship.

It can be difficult to arrive in a country where you do not know the language. We cannot offer interpreters from day one as there are not enough interpreters. Fortunately, children are quick to learn languages, and football and playing are a universal language.

In Denmark, we fortunately have a sector that in recent years has proven that challenges are there to be solved. Often with great ingenuity. Among other things, we must have clarified what opportunities there are for online teaching in Ukrainian.

The labor market is ready to accommodate Ukrainians

First, the most basic things must be in place when the Ukrainians come to Denmark. When they have sorted out their new life here in Denmark, we must help them get a job and give them a more solid framework. Fortunately, our labor market is in a good place. We have good preconditions for succeeding in getting the Ukrainians included in the Danish labor market.

The government, the social partners, the municipalities and the regions have established a partnership that will make it simple and flexible to get the Ukrainians into jobs.

Many Danish companies have already signed up and are ready to welcome Ukrainians. The municipalities are well underway with preparing and figuring out how they can help Ukrainians and businesses find each other. And in the workplace, they are ready for new colleagues.

The partnership will focus on rapid competence development, upskilling and good integration. Of course on proper terms.

The situation is constantly changing and new challenges will arise. Therefore, we must take one day at a time and follow developments closely. The most important thing is that we welcome the Ukrainians in a good way and help them achieve a good and safe way of life in Denmark.

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