Press briefing 11 March 2022

Coordination of help is important

Published 11-03-2022

At today's press briefing there was much praise for the Danes’ great desire and willingness to help in relation to the war in Ukraine. But at the same time the Danes were encouraged to help with consideration. It is important that help is coordinated so that it benefits as much as possible.

Hosts: Director General at The Danish Business Authority Katrine Winding, Director General at The Danish Immigration Service Niels Henrik Larsen, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Erik Brøgger Rasmussen, Secretary General of The Danish Red Cross Anders Ladekarl, Police Inspector in the South Jutland Police Brian Fussing. 

New website -

There is great interest from both population and companies in the situation in and around Ukraine and the consequences thereof. The authorities will meet this interest, and therefore a new citizen-oriented website has been launched. The website is called and it gathers information from the authorities in relation to the war in Ukraine. The website is in three languages - Danish, English and Ukrainian. There is a lot of traffic on the website already - among others from Ukraine and Poland. will be updated continuously.

Leave the transport of refugees to the authorities

It is a complex situation when you bring people to Denmark. It requires consideration before you do it. The recommendation from the authorities is therefore to leave it to the authorities and organizations to bring refugees to Denmark. If you as a private person choose to pick up refugees, it is important that you know who they are and where they are going. One must be ready to take on the great responsibility it is to deal with the challenges that comes with providing accommodation to traumatized people.

Do not transport unaccompanied children

As a private person, you cannot travel abroad and bring children home. There are special rules, and these rules also apply to the war in Ukraine.

It is important to coordinate with the authorities so that families are not split up when you bring a child to Denmark. Contact the Danish authorities if in doubt.

Can do more harm than good

It is important that helping does not do more harm than good. If you do not have the right contacts, you risk doing damage, the Danish Red Cross said at the press briefing. If in doubt, you should contact the major humanitarian aid organizations.

Instead of brining Ukrainians to Denmark, the Danish Red Cross encourage people to help Ukrainians when they come to Denmark. There is a need for all of us to help them get well integrated in the Danish society.

Support the big organizations

The Danish authorities have donated millions to a number of organizations. The Danes also have a huge desire to help with donations and contributions, and the help is welcome, but you have to do it with consideration. Instead of citizens collecting themselves, it is better to give donations to the big organizations. Thus, the donations are given where they help the most. In the first days of the war, the organizations were overwhelmed by donations of clothes and other things, but now the warehouses are completely full. These kinds of donations are no longer needed.

Emergency relief work in Ukraine

There are challenges with humanitarian work inside Ukraine itself. There is a very large number of internally displaced persons. In western Ukraine there are thousands of people who do not want to leave their country. These people have a great need for help, which is the primary focus of the Danish organizations.

The people who are currently having the hardest time are the Ukrainians trapped in war zones. The main focus of the Danish Red Cross is on evacuating these people.

Danes in Ukraine

There are about 50 Danes left on the list of Danes in Ukraine. This figure has decreased week by week. There is not a lot the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can do for these Danish citizens because the Danish embassy is closed.

There are also Danes who have traveled to Ukraine. The authorities do not have figures on this, as there is no requirement to register at the authorities when travelling to Ukraine. It is at your own risk if you go to Ukraine. If you travel into a war zone the Danish authorities can’t do anything to help.

Reception facilities at the borders

The authorities try to give Ukrainians who come to Denmark the best possible support. This is done in collaboration with the Danish Red Cross and other organizations. Reception facilities have been set up at the border. There may be waiting time at the border when arriving in Denmark with Ukrainian refugees, but the Danish police emphasize that they work as fast as they can.

The Danish Immigration Service accommodates people who are seeking asylum. At the briefing, the Danish Immigration Service thanked the Danes who had received Ukrainians. It may be more comforting to live with someone you know rather than to enter the asylum system. The private accommodations has given the authorities more time to provide extra care to the Ukrainians who do not have a network in Denmark.

Important that companies comply with sanctions

Sanctions were also an issue at the press briefing. There are export bans on trading with a number of goods, just as there are financial sanctions. Therefore, it is important that Danish companies keep informed, as it is their own responsibility to comply with the sanctions. At (The Business Guide) you can keep informed and get help as a company.

There will also be help for e.g. financial support or hiring of Ukrainians.

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