Press briefing 6 March 2022

National agreement on Danish security policy

Published 06-03-2022

Ministers: Political leader at Radikale Venstre Sofie Carsten Nielsen, chairman at Venstre Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, prime minister Mette Frederiksen, chairman at SF Pia Olsen Dyhr and chairman at Konservative Folkeparti Søren Pape Poulsen.

The government (Social Democrats) and Venstre, SF, Radikale Venstre and Konservative Folkeparti agree that European security is threatened. The parties therefore agree on a number of measures to strengthen the Danish defence preparedness and the possibilities for manoeuvring in the new security policy situation. At the press conference, they presented the new agreement, which includes:

  • Strengthening the Armed Forces etc. to deal with the Russian crisis
  • Historical increase of the Armed Forces to 2 per cent. of GDP
  • Abolition of the Danish EU defence reservation
  • Independence of Russian gas