Doorstep 27 February 2022

Denmark sends weapons to Ukraine

Published 27-02-2022

Hosts: Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Minister of Defence Morten Bødskov.

Ukraine offers strong resistance to Putin's forces, and Russia escalates the attacks four days after the invasion.

Internationally, unprecedented sanctions have been imposed, and Denmark is ready to tighten further - for example, Russian banks may be excluded from the international payment system Swift.

Denmark sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine and supports neighboring countries - and Danish borders are open to Ukrainian refugees.

2,000 protective vests, 700 first aid kits and a mobile hospital have been sent to Ukraine.

Denmark will donate approx. 2,700 anti-tank missiles, which will increase the ability of Ukrainians to strike back against Russian forces.

In addition, approx. 300 Stinger missiles will be sent to the United States so that they can be made operational and delivered to Ukraine, where they can be used against air targets.