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New civic website in light of the invasion of Ukraine

Published 09-03-2022

The Danish authorities launch a new joint website where citizens can find information related to the war in Ukraine. The name of the website is "".

There is no concrete threat to Denmark, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has many consequences, some that also affects Denmark.

That is why the Danish authorities today are launching a joint website where you as a citizen can find useful information about the consequences and Danish initiatives due to the war in Ukraine. Themes include impact on energy prices, sanctions, support for Ukraine, the Danish emergency preparedness and Ukrainians in Denmark. The site will continuously be expanded and updated with relevant information.

The new citizen-oriented website has been named "". On the website, you will be able to find FAQs, contact lists for relevant authorities/NGOs, press releases and news related to the Danish effort, overview of sanctions, donations, etc. In addition, there will also be an archive of government press briefings.

The website is for Danish citizens and Ukrainians who want to find out about Danish conditions. The content of the page is in Danish, English and Ukrainian.

The website is the Danish authorities' joint website and is run by the National Communication Center in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.