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How does the war affect you and Denmark

The Russian invasion of Ukraine will be felt by citizens of Denmark, even though there is currently no military threat to Denmark.

The war is impacting the energy costs and finances of people in Denmark

In the past few months, the gas supplies from Russia to Europe have been coming in at a reduced capacity and Gazprom has now shut down the flow of gas from Nord Stream 1 indefinitely.

In Denmark, we are well prepared and we have been filling up our gas storage facilities, but it is critical for the energy supply that we all save energy before and during the coming heating season. When we save energy and use it when prices are lower, we help both the climate and our finances.

European energy prices are already high. Among other things, this is because the energy markets are reacting to the current situation and expectations for the future. However, it is likely that the supply situation will continue to impact energy prices in Europe - both for electricity and gas. We are also seeing high oil prices.


How the energy crisis is impacting Denmark

The public sector is setting an example by saving energy

The Danish Government agrees with KL - Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions that we need to save energy in all public buildings and initiatives are now being launched to reduce the consumption of energy.

Specifically, the parties agree that:

  • The thermostats should be lowered to 19 degrees in all public sector office buildings, etc.
  • Exterior lighting on public sector buildings should be turned off.
  • The heating season should be shortened.
  • The Danish Energy Agency’s campaign materials with tips for saving energy at workplaces are distributed among employees so that they can independently take action such as turning off the lights and screens when leaving a meeting room.

The initiatives will be launched as soon as possible and by 1 October at the latest. You can read more at the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities (information in Danish):

The Danish Government, Danish Regions and KL agree to save energy in the public sector (

Food prices will rise

For individual Danes, lots of products will become more expensive. But Denmark is not facing a situation with food shortage.

Food prices will be affected by Russia’s invasion

Ukrainians in Denmark

A special law allows temporary residence permits for people who are forced to abandon their homes and their country because of the war in Ukraine. Many million people have been displaced from their homes, and around 7 million people are displaced elsewhere in Europe.

The number of Ukrainians who will come to Denmark depends on how the war develops.

How many will come to Denmark?

The Danish Immigration Service publishes the latest daily figures regarding the special law for people who have been displaced from Ukraine.

Information in Danish: See the latest figures on the special law (

Danish residence permit

Read more about how Ukrainians can obtain a Danish residence permit at the Danish Immigration Service website:



Denmark is providing military and humanitarian support to Ukraine

Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Denmark has decided to help Ukraine in a number of areas.

Denmark is contributing militarily and providing Ukraine with donations, healthcare, humanitarian and macro-financial support. Here you can get an overview of the assistance Denmark is offering.

Sanctions against Russia

Denmark has imposed sanctions against Russia and its allies. You can get a general overview of a wide range of the sanctions here:

Sanctions against Russia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Danish Business Authority and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority have collated a large amount of information on what impact Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will have on Danish businesses.

Sanctions against Russia | Export Controls (

Information in Danish: Guidance on sanctions (

Information in Danish: Get an overview of the guidance on the situation in Ukraine at Virksomhedsguiden (

Information in Danish: Find information about the sanctions concerning financial institutions (


Denmark’s preparedness

Danish authorities are closely following the situation in and around Ukraine. Denmark’s preparedness is constantly being adjusted in relation to any threats against Danish society, but there is currently no military threat to Denmark.

You can find more information at the Danish Emergency Management Agency website about their efforts relating to the war in Ukraine:

Information in Danish: The war in Ukraine (


Talk about the war with your child

The situation in Ukraine is all over the news, and this can make children and young people worried. The Danish Ministry of Children and Education has mad this page with materials and advice.

Information in Danish: Talking about the situation in Ukraine with children (