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Topic: Energy

The supply situation is currently stable, but the Danes are encouraged to use energy wisely. It's the best insurance against rising prices and supply challenges this winter.

This page contains information about the current situation and what it means for consumers and society at large.


Energy supply is stable for all energy sources. Prices vary and can be high during certain periods. The situation could change quickly at any moment.

The Danish Energy Agency monitors energy supply and publishes a ongoing status report which you can find here:

Status of energy supply - Information in Danish (

Will there be power shortages?

The Danish Energy Agency does not expect power shortages.

However, the risk of power shortages is still higher than normal, and Danes are encouraged to conserve energy so that there is also enough power for the winter.

You can read more about the risk of power shortages here:

Risk of power shortages in Denmark

Save energy at work

We spend about one-third of our days at work. By changing your habits, you can help make your workplace a part of the solution to the difficult energy situation that we are currently facing.

Remember to switch off lights, screens, computers and other electronic devices before leaving a room or going home.

Find more tips and advice for your workplace from here:

How to save energy at work (information in Danish):

Save oil

You can save petrol and diesel by changing your driving habits ever so slightly. Reducing your speed slightly, checking your tyre pressure and driving without air conditioning are all ways to save fuel.

What can I do?

The Danish Energy Agency encourages all citizens to conserve energy. It is vital for the supply of energy that we all continue to conserve energy. Some ways you can conserve energy include:

  • Limiting your use of hot water
  • Saving electricity – turn off appliances when you are not using them and switch off lights when they aren’t needed
  • Use electricity when it’s cheapest – spread your energy usage throughout the day
  • Use the frying rack and the dishwasher

By conserving energy and using power when the prices are lower, we can benefit both the climate and our finances. You can find many more tips on how to save energy at This website also contains more information on how you can apply for help with your electricity and heating bills, and for the energy renovation of your home.