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Denmark’s contributions in support of Ukraine

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Denmark has decided to help Ukraine in a number of areas.

Here, you can find information on which types of support Denmark is providing.

Denmark is helping to rebuild

Denmark and Danish companies will be ready with help when the war-torn cities in Ukraine are to be rebuilt. Together with the Danish business community and the trade union movement, the government has set up a partnership to look at how Danish companies can contribute to the reconstruction work.

Read more here (in Danish):

Nyt partnerskab skal hjælpe med at genopbygge Ukraine (

Military aid

In terms of direct military contributions to aid the defence of Ukraine, Denmark has donated:

  • 2,700 shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons. These weapons can be used over shorter distances in combat with armoured vehicles. These anti-tank weapons have been sourced from Danish Defence operational supplies. This means these weapons could be used by Danish armed forces themselves.
  • 2,000 TYR protective vests. The TYR Tactical protective vest is a modular personal protection system that affords protection from fragments and bullets.
  • 700 hygiene kits (including bandages) that are carried by soldiers and used to provide lifesaving first aid.

On 24 February 2022, the Danish Parliament gave its consent to make the following military contributions available to NATO:

  • 1 frigate contribution with a total crew of up to approx. 175 people.
  • 1 transport aircraft contribution of up to approx. 50 people.
  • Up to 20 F-16 fighter jets with up to approx. 250 personnel to enforce air sovereignty above NATO territory.
  • Personnel contributions to NATO headquarters and NATO-operated Command, Control and Communication units, as well as to NATO Force force structure air command.
  • Additional personnel in connection with the replacement, establishment and repatriation of the contributions.

On 21 April 2022, the Danish Parliament gave its consent for the following additional military contributions to be made available to NATO:

  • A battalion battle group of up to approx. 1,000 people.
  • 1 further frigate contribution.
  • Air military contributions, including a surveillance aircraft, a radar operator contribution and a mobile air defence radar.
  • A support strength contribution. Staff contributions to NATO International Staffs and Headquarters.
  • An adapted mandate for the use of force for the already issued Danish contribution to NATO's advanced presence in Estonia as well as existing Danish contributions to NATO's international staffs and headquarters.

On 11 August, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced a new comprehensive donation package of approx. DKK 820 million to finance weapons and training. This took place at the donor conference #CopenhagenUkraine, where 26 countries meet in Copenhagen.

  • A little more than half of the amount will go to financial support for the purchase of arms and support for arms production. The donation is intended to ensure continuous deliveries of military equipment for use in Ukraine's defence struggle.
  • Approx. 100 million kroner will go to support basic military training of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • In addition, part of the donation package will also go to Danish donations of weapons and equipment.
humanitarian aid

Medical and humanitarian aid from Denmark

Denmark supports Ukraine with funding distributed through the EU, the UN and relief organizations. The money will be used for covering medical equipment, medicines, medical care, shelter, food, water, warm blankets and hygiene kits, psychosocial support, reunification of family members and protection of children and other human needs during the war. So far, Denmark has decided to support Ukraine and neighbouring countries with 668 million kroner.

Preliminarily distribution of the aid:

  • Humanitarian aid distributed through international and Danish organizations: DKK 275 million kr.
  • Macro-financial support: DKK 150 million (through The World Bank)
  • Projects coordinated through the Danish Emergency Management Agency: DKK 28 million. DKK (including a mobile hospital)
  • Medicines and medical equipment: DKK 100 million. kr.

More information about Denmark's support for Ukraine here:

Humanitarian aid to Ukraine (

Open doors

People fleeing Ukraine are welcome

A broad political majority support helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine. In addition to humanitarian support and emergency aid in Ukraine, Denmark will support neighbouring countries receiving most refugees. Denmark is also ready to receive Ukrainians in Denmark, as well as providing support to Ukrainians who are already in the country.

Information for Ukrainian citizens