Danish donations for Ukraine

Denmark helps Ukraine in a number of areas. On this page you can see where.


Increased risk of power failure

The supply situation remains stable in Denmark. But the risk of power shortages is higher than usual.


The war affects Denmark

Russia's invasion of Ukraine can be felt in Denmark, even if there is currently no military threat to Denmark.


Інформація для громадян України

Громадян України чекають у Данії. Тут ви можете знайти більше інформації


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Common questions

Yes. On 31 January 2023, the Centre for Cyber Security (CFSC) raised the threat level for cyber activism against Denmark from MEDIUM to HIGH. 

This decision was made on the basis of high activity levels among pro-Russian hackers against NATO countries and on an increased capacity among such groups. 

A threat level of HIGH means it is likely that Danish companies and government agencies will be the targets of activist cyber attacks within the next two years. 

In addition, the threat of cyberespionage and cybercrime are VERY HIGH which means they constitute a concrete threat. 

The threat level for destructive cyber attacks against Denmark is LOW while the threat level from cyber terrorism against Denmark is NONE. 

You can read more about the latest threat assessments from the Centre for Cyber Security here:

CFCS raises threat level for cyber activism again ( – in Danish)

The supply of gas is stable.

European gas storage reserves have been well supplied and we have only recently begun to draw on these reserves due to a mild autumn. Furthermore, Danes have been good at conserving energy. You can view an overview of Danish storage reserves here:

Energy Supply Status | Danish Energy Agency ( – in Danish)

The Danish Energy Agency therefore does not consider that it will be necessary to interrupt energy supplies to consumers this winter. However, this does not mean that Danes should abandon their efforts to conserve energy.

There remains a risk of gas shortages in the winter of 2023/24 because the lower import levels may result in our storage reserves not being sufficiently filled over the course of summer 2023. It is therefore crucial that we make efforts even now to conserve as much gas as possible.

On 26 September 2022, three leaks were discovered on the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. This had no immediate effect on the supply of gas to Europe and Denmark as neither of the pipelines was in operation.

Topic: Energy crisis

The energy systems are connected. Electricity is produced in many different ways. Around half of the electricity in the Danish sockets is produced by wind turbines, but in quiet periods there is a need to produce extra electricity using, among other things, natural gas. In the rest of Europe, with which we are connected, wind turbine power makes up a much smaller share. Saving on electricity now will mean saving on fuel for electricity production, which can then be used later in the season, should there be problems with, for example, the gas supply.

Due to the war in Ukraine, there is less natural gas available. If the gas reserves cannot be filled up sufficiently during the summer of 2023, therefore there may be problems with electricity during windless periods next winter.

Displaced persons from Ukraine can apply for jobs and work in Denmark when they have applied for a residence permit in accordance with the Special Act and have had fingerprints and facial photos (biometrics) taken by the Danish Immigration Service's Citizen Service.

At displaced people from Ukraine can find information about job search in Denmark and read more about what applies if they want to work while the application for a residence permit is being processed.

Employers can find useful information on recruiting and hiring displaced persons from Ukraine here: For arbejdsgivere ( - in Danish)

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