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No. The Russian gas company Gazprom has closed the access to gas to Denmark because Ørsted will not pay in rubles.

However, in the current situation, the Danish Energy Agency does not expect problems with energy supply.

Denmark also has plans ready in case the situation should change.

The Danish Energy Agency is working on five focus areas to ensure enough gas. You can read about this and much more on the Danish Energy Agency's website here (in Danish):

Luk for gas til Ørsted ændrer ikke på Danmarks gas-situation (

Yes. On May 18 2022, the Center for Cyber Security (CFCS) raised the threat level for cyber activism against Denmark from low to medium. This is a change in the level of threats compared to recent years.

The change comes in the wake of recent pro-Russian cyber-activist attacks on European NATO countries.

In the initial phase after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, cyber-activist attacks mainly targeted Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Cyber activists have lately hit targets in Western European NATO countries. The increased level of activity of the pro-Russian cyber-activist groups also increases the threat of cyber-activist attacks against Denmark.

CFCS raises the threat level on the basis of the threat from actors whose motivation to hit Denmark with cyber attacks is driven by the current war in Ukraine.

You can read the entire assessment in Danish here (

On the other hand, the threat level for cyber espionage against the telecommunications sector has been lowered from high to medium, which means that CFCS assesses that the Danish telecommunications sector is not a high-priority attack target at present.

Read the full assessment in danish here:

New threat assessment: The cyber threat against the telecommunications sector in Denmark (

A new special act on temporary residence permits for persons displaced from Ukraine is now in effect. The law makes it possible for Ukrainians to apply for a residence permit in Denmark. See here how:

Information to persons from Ukraine (

All Danes will notice a price increase on selected foods. At the same time, the price of feed and fertilizer will increase, which will increase the cost of agriculture.

Ukraine and Russia produce 31 percent of the global wheat market. Russia's invasion of Ukraine will therefore have an impact on all foods, including foods with wheat.

The war means that the prices of selected goods are likely to rise. It is primarily about bread and grain products.

It is too early to say how much prices will rise and when prices will fall again to the normal level we have been used to. It is important to emphasize that there will be no shortage of food in the supermarkets in Denmark, as we have strong supply chains and produce a lot ourselves.

You can read more about the importance of food prices on this page is the Danish authorities' website regarding the current crisis. Here you can e.g. find questions and answers, news and press releases related to the Danish efforts and get an overview of sanctions and Danish contributions to Ukraine. The site will be continuously updated with information in Danish, English and Ukrainian.


To Ukrainian citizens

Due to the situation in Ukraine, the Danish Immigration Service has gathered all relevant information for Ukrainian citizens who are either in Denmark or want to come to Denmark.

Information for Ukrainian citizens

Contributions and sanctions

Denmarks reactions

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EU and Denmark have imposed sanctions against Russia and its allies - and Denmark is also helping Ukraine in a number of other areas.

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How to get a job in Denmark

Find information on job search in Denmark on this page. Read about applications, salary, working hours etc. and start your own job search.

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How to best help

Here's what the authorities recommend if you want to help the victims of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It’s also possible to get an overview of the emergency aid organisations.

How to best help

How does the war affect you and Denmark?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine will be felt by citizens of Denmark - even though there is currently no military threat to Denmark.

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For companies

On these pages you can read more about the significance of the sanctions for Danish companies, find information about export control, read more about the sanctions and get guidance on the situation in Ukraine.

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New agreement on the reception of displaced children and young people from Ukraine


How to talk to your child about war

The situation in Ukraine fills a lot in the media, and children and young people may be worried. Unicef has collected a number of good advice on this page.

How to talk to your children about the situation in Ukraine (