The energy crisis affects Denmark

All Danes are encouraged to save energy, and the authorities have decided on a series of measures to lower the energy consumption of the public sector. Read more about supply and good savings tips.

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On 26 September three leaks were found on the gas lines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. It does not immediately affect the supply of gas to Europe and Denmark, as none of the pipelines were in operation.

The pipelines have been out of service after the Russian gas company Gazprom announced on Friday, 2 September, that due to technical problems, Nord Stream 1 was not reopened after keeping it closed due to maintenance.

It was a serious development that the gas supply was closed, but the message from the Danish Energy Agency was that Denmark had filled gas in the stocks and gas still flowed across national borders.

The Danish Energy Agency encourages all Danes to save energy, as security of supply will be under pressure during the heating.

Read more about the Danish gas emergency here and find good advice for saving energy:

How the energy crisis affects Denmark

Denmark's situation is robust because we ourselves produce part of our oil and have access to imports from the world market. But the authorities are of course following the situation closely and have plans ready should problems arise.

The authorities do not immediately expect to have problems securing oil, petrol and diesel, as it can be bought on the world market. But prices may go up.

Read more at the Danish Energy Agency (ens.dk)

Displaced persons from Ukraine can apply for jobs and work in Denmark when they have applied for a residence permit in accordance with the Special Act and have had fingerprints and facial photos (biometrics) taken by the Danish Immigration Service's Citizen Service.

At JobguideUkraine.dk displaced people from Ukraine can find information about job search in Denmark and read more about what applies if they want to work while the application for a residence permit is being processed.

Employers can find useful information on recruiting and hiring displaced persons from Ukraine here: For arbejdsgivere (jobguideukraine.dk)

Yes. On 18 May 2022, the Center for Cyber Security (CFCS) raised the threat level for cyber activism against Denmark from low to medium. This is a change in the level of threats compared to recent years.

The change comes in the wake of recent pro-Russian cyber-activist attacks on European NATO countries.

You can read the entire assessment here (in Danish):

CFCS hæver trusselsniveauet for cyberaktivisme mod Danmark (cfcs.dk)

All Danes will feel a price increase on selected foods.

The energy crisis will cause the prices of meat and milk to rise.

The price increases are due to higher prices in the production of everything from energy, transport and raw materials. Part of this is directly linked to the war in Ukraine, which for example applies to grain, which has an impact on both the price of bread and feed for livestock production.

It is still too early to say how much prices will rise and when price increases will slow down.

It is not expected that there will be a shortage of food in the supermarkets in Denmark in the short or medium term, as there are strong supply chains and a large food production.

You can read more about the significance for food prices here:

How food prices are affected


To Ukrainian citizens

Due to the situation in Ukraine, the Danish Immigration Service has gathered all relevant information for Ukrainian citizens who are either in Denmark or want to come to Denmark.

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Contributions and sanctions

Denmarks reactions

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EU and Denmark have imposed sanctions against Russia and its allies - and Denmark is also helping Ukraine in a number of other areas.

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Here's what the authorities recommend if you want to help the victims of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It’s also possible to get an overview of the emergency aid organisations.

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How does the war affect you and Denmark?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine will be felt by citizens of Denmark - even though there is currently no military threat to Denmark.

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On these pages you can read more about the significance of the sanctions for Danish companies, find information about export control, read more about the sanctions and get guidance on the situation in Ukraine.

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